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2017 Columbus Open

June 23-25, 2017

The Ohio State University, Ohio Union

To Register or more information CLICK HERE

Pre-Registration list as of 6/19/2017

First Name Last Name Section
1 Kalen Sutandar U1700
2 Bobby Goddin Open
3 Shourjya Ghosh U2100
4 Akash Narayanan Open
5 Gregg Stark Open
6 Anagh Kulkarni Open
7 Dakshin Pisini U2100
8 alan zheng U2100
9 Kiran Boyinepally Open
10 jason zheng U2100
11 Aryan Balyan U2100
12 Sanjana Ramesh U2100
13 Brian Suganraj U2100
14 Lance Winters Open
15 Vijay Subramanian U1700
16 Ajay Subramanian U1700
17 Ashley Gladwin U1700
18 Matthew Webber U2100
19 Scott Ramer Open
20 Steven FU U1700
21 Vincent Chen U2100
23 Jason Wang Open
24 David Bernow U1700
25 Saghana Parasuraman U1300
26 Surya Parasuraman U2100
27 Om Borkar Open
28 Edison Liu U1700
29 Aristo Liu Open
30 Jason Briegel U2100
31 Sanjay Medicherla U1700
32 Ethan Ferkins U1700
33 Mark Papenhausen U2100
34 Dinesh Bojja U2100
35 Karthik Kallam U1700
36 Adam Gerver U2100
37 Sam Bridle U2100
38 Adeti Mohanselvan U1700
39 Nick Schwerin U2100
40 Isaac Steincamp Open
41 Elton Cao Open
42 don calpin U1300
43 Richard Hayes U1700
44 Stacia Pugh U1700
45 Arjun Bajaj U2100
46 Victoria Baker U1700
47 vincent Baker Open
48 Xavier Paganini Open
49 Michael Zheng Open
50 Evan Huang U2100
51 Kabir Belgikar Open
52 Jeremy Koebel U2100
53 MATT WANG U1300
54 John Hayes Open
55 Matthew Jakob Open
56 Nicholas Wang U1700
57 Apurva Virkud Open
58 Arjun Krishna U1700
59 Daniel Burns U1700
60 Atharva sapre U1300
61 Trevor Mack U1700
62 Grant XU Open
63 Chip Kraft U2100
64 David Rohlfing U2100
65 John Miller Open
66 Tom Britt Open
67 Lou Friscoe U2100
68 Peter Galupo U1700
69 Ryan Clayton Open
70 James Antoline U2100




2017 Arnold Schwarzenegger Open



We had a great turn out this year especially from out of state... so thank you to all that came and supported this event. It was my 3rd year for having chess as part of the Arnold Classic and I am already planning next years Arnold Schwarzenegger Open so mark your calendars as it is always held on the first weekend in March.

This year I added a few special touches...the top 20 boards all had wooden pieces, wooden boards, and clocks provided and an additional 12 boards, pieces, and clocks were provided to the lower sections as well. This allowed for the tournament to run smoother as each round everything was setup ready to go. I also made custom full size score sheets for this event. The white copies had to be turned in in order for a result to be recorded. This allowed me to have all the games played at this year's Arnold which I emailed all the participants a pdf copy of all of these games. If you would like to download the pgn file of all of the games from the Open Section then click on the "Game Archive" link on the left.

Saturday evening I ran a blitz tournament as part of the Arnold as well. It was 9 rounds with 18 players and Ohio State University freshman Mika Brattain took first place scoring 8.5 out of 9.

Below are the crosstables and prizes winners for this year's Arnold

Open Crosstable U2000 Crosstable U1700 Crosstable U1300 Crosstable

Open Prizes U2000 Prizes U1700 Prizes U1300 Prizes

Blitz Crosstable


2017 Pan-Am Intercollegiate Chess Championships

Hosted by The Ohio State University Chess Club in Downtown Columbus, Ohio at the Hyatt Regency / Greater Columbus Convention Center

Click Here for all the details and to register!